Heidelberg Apartments


With its planning application currently being assessed by council, this proposed development comprising of 62 apartments sits on the edge of the Heidelberg major activity centre. On a steeply sloping site with a council carpark and residential properties as its neighbours, this scheme consolidates three smaller properties into one large site, and proposes two five storey buildings. By separating the form into two buildings we have been able to reduce the visual mass and better accommodate the natural topography of the site.

In accordance with the objectives of the DDO, the first and second floor balconies are built close to the street boundary with the balustrade to the third floor apartments forming the predominant street façade height. The third and fourth floors are set back from both the street frontage and the side boundaries to become recessive elements within the overall design.

Above the ground level the balconies are imagined to have the appearance of a single framed element (vertically) broken into three boxes across the width of each façade. Each box is slightly angled to create a rhythm along the street front. Above and set back from the street façade the third and fourth floors revert to a light weight and dark material further emphasising the street façade boxes.

Elsewhere articulation and detail is achieved via expressed window hoods, pergola frames and screens. The buildings materials have been selected with a reduced palette of locally typical materials, the solid framing of the façade boxes, the punctuated and textured masonary base and the homogeneous dark cladding above, provides buildings that are richly dynamic in a modern vernacular whilst responsive to the surrounding context.