Ivanhoe Townhouses 2


This development proposes four three bedroom townhouses, aimed at the ageing in place buyer. Each townhouse features direct access from the garage into the house- two have the main bedroom at ground level, while the other two are designed with provision for a wheelchair capable elevator. They are all designed to comply with the City of Banyule’s Liveable Housing Design Guidelines.

Central to the design rational is to create an obvious, safe and appealing pedestrian access to the rear townhouses from Upper Heidelberg Road. A landscaped pathway beside the paved road with its breezeway style textured brick courtyard fences and gradual curves subtly directing visitors to the entrances to each house. By including three north facing courtyards and a garden bed along this aspect multiple planting opportunities have been created, further enhancing the entry experience. The townhouses themselves, in homage to Ivanhoe and Heidelberg’s rich mid-century modernist history- modelled in a simple palette of natural and textured materials- are also curved at their foremost corner, softening the buildings edges and turning the focus of each house toward the approaching visitor.

The external appearance is one of simple forms and natural materials in a modulating rhythm along the site. Changes in material, alternating setbacks and the use of vertical panels of window serve to break down the mass of the buildings into a pleasant human scale environment.