Richmond Residence


The proposed residence is located in the inner-city suburb of Richmond. The clients have owned the narrow passage of land for a number of years, and are now in the process of moving forward with their long-envisioned dream.

The home is a two storey residence with a mixed timber and glass entry to the street frontage, providing light to the internal hallway and staircase. A large open-plan living and dining space leads to a private, planted courtyard, while a smaller internal courtyard provides light and privacy to the master bedroom and ensuite. The first floor is comprised of a second living space with balcony, bedroom and bathroom.

The garage door to the street frontage blends seamlessly with the overall façade, with vertical timber battens giving the form a sense of verticality, and aiding to recess the form of the upper floor. The timber integrates visually with a planter above, which also provides privacy to the first floor balcony. The minimal, white, linear form above provides a visual break, acting to soften the height of the building and accentuate the stained glass window that has been provided by the client and integrated into the design.