YIMBY, if I had one! 

The brief, for a young family, coinciding with enduring extensive Covid lockdowns, was simple enough, more space, amenity, and separation.

The resulting accommodation and form of the first-floor addition was heavily dictated by setback requirements and a highly prioritized emphasis of heritage over amenity within the planning scheme.

While the final form and sculptured interiors are spatially interesting and provide the amenity that the brief called for; the inherent complexity incurred compromises at a cost disproportionate to any perceived planning amenity and heritage value. For small-scale projects like this, such challenges represent a significant barrier in enhancing the quality and quantity of housing stock in well serviced inner-city areas.

Project Details

Architect: Taylor Reynolds Architects
Kwaliteit Constructions
Under Construction

Traditional Custodians: Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation

Selected works
Selected Works